Wheels Tyres South Yarra

What do you think the most important parts of a vehicle are – the brakes, seatbelt or steering wheel? Well, the list is not over, and it goes down to the tyres and wheels. Having good quality tyres is essential to proper vehicle handling, a high level of performance and a better driving experience. If you feel like your car tyres and wheels need immediate attention, bring your vehicle to Luxury Wheels. Serving vehicle owners across South Yarra and the surrounding suburbs, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for all your tyre and wheel service needs.

Tyre Services South Yarra:

Damaged or worn tyres are extremely dangerous, so it is crucial to ensure that they are in good condition. If you feel that this is the right time to replace your car tyres, we have got you covered. Here at Luxury Wheels, we provide an extensive range of premium and budget tyres for sale from world-leading brands for all makes and models of passenger cars, vans, SUVs, Vans and light commercial vehicles. Our team can also assist you with

  • Tyre rotationTyres Clayton South
  • Tyre balancing
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Tyre maintenance
  • New tyre fitting
  • Flat tyre repairs
  • Other tyre-related services.

Wheel Services South Yarra:

Hitting a kerb, speed bump or pothole can misalign your vehicles. The misaligned wheels can cause excessive and uneven wear to your tyres, increasing your fuel consumption and poorly impacting your vehicle’s performance. At Luxury Wheels, we have got specialised equipment and tools to carry out wheel alignment to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our proficient team can also help you with wheel balancing and new wheel installation. Do you need a set of brand new wheels for your car? Or customised wheels designed to match your driving style? We can supply!

Whether you would like to buy tyres, wheels or need any other automotive services, feel free to call (03) 9547 3513 and discuss your requirements with us today!