Wheels-Tyres Saint Kilda:

If not maintained or looked after properly, your car tyres can completely ruin your entire day and you will end up being stuck waiting at a tyre shop. How can you prevent these sorts of unexpected incidents? Well, opting for a regular maintenance check is the most crucial step that you can take to evade all these unforeseen disasters.

Trust Luxury Wheels!

Wondering where to get yourMichelin Tyres 3153520 car wheels serviced in St. Kilda? Not to worry, Luxury Wheels has got you covered. Serving drivers across St. Kilda and the surrounding suburbs, we are dedicated to putting the needs of our customers first. We pride ourselves on our transparency so you can be confident that you are receiving an honest service that you can trust.

We Have The Right Tyre & Wheels For You!

With access to a huge range of premium tyres and wheels, we are sure to have the right ones for your vehicle and budget. With a large collection of winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres for passenger cars, 4×4 vehicles, SUVs, vans and light commercial vehicles, we are able to supply the tyres you need at an affordable price. In addition to providing wheels and tyres for sale, we also offer tyre rotation, tyre balancing, tyre pressure monitoring, tyre maintenance and other tyre-related services in the most efficient manner.

Let’s Help You With Wheel Alignment! 

Anything from speed ramps and a bump on the road to large potholes can alter your wheel alignment and have a massive impact on your vehicle. If you realise that your car wheels are out of alignment, bring your vehicle to our auto repair centre for wheel alignment service. Using the latest alignment system, our mechanics can restore the alignment of your car wheels as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

So, if you live in the St. Kilda area and are in need of any tyre or wheel related services, feel free to call (03) 9547 3513 and book an appointment with us!