Wheels & Tyres Hawthorn

Finding cheap tyres of good quality is not easy these days. With so many websites claiming to offer budget tyres, not all of them ensure a good value for your money. No matter what kind of tyres you are looking for, you will find them at Luxury Wheels. We have thousands of tyres and wheels for sale for every budget at a fraction of the cost charged by other sellers. If you are residing in Hawthorn, you can choose either to come to our shop or order online and get the tyres and wheels delivered to your door step.

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Expert Advice

With a full range of top-branded tyres and wheels available, it can be difficult for you to choose the one that suits your vehicle and driving style. In that case, you can opt for our expert advice to find the best set of wheels and tyres for you. Our car mechanics will evaluate your driving style, budget and preferences and recommend the best tyres and wheels for you.

Tyre Services Hawthorn

Not all punctures need a new car tyre. We have tyre specialists who can examine your flat tyre and let you know if it needs replacement or can be repaired. In fact, we offer a full range of tyre services, including a tyre rotation, tyre balancing, tyre pressure monitoring, tyre maintenance and other tyre-related services in the most efficient manner.

Wheel Services Hawthorn

If your car wheels are not aligned properly, you would feel difficulty in handling your vehicle and also experience increased wear of tyres. At Luxury Wheels, we have computerised equipment to get your car wheels aligned to the exact specification of the manufacturer. In addition to wheel alignment, we can also help you with wheel balancing and new wheel installation services at the most competitive prices.

So, for any wheel and tyre related needs in Hawthorn, you don’t look further than Luxury Wheels. To schedule an appointment with us, we invite you to call us on (03) 9547 3513.