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A simple act of hitting a pothole or banging a kerb can skew your wheel alignment. If your car wheels are not correctly aligned, it results in irregular tyre wear and even affects the handling of your vehicle. To put an end to all these problems, bring in your car to Luxury Wheels Motorsport! We have an experienced team of car mechanics and technicians who can help with your wheel and tyre related problems. Serving vehicles owners across Clayton and the surrounding suburbs, we ensure that you get the best possible car service every time.

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Wheel Services Clayton:

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At Luxury Wheel, we take pride in having the largest collection of wheels from leading brands for vehicles of all makes and models. We also provide custom-made car wheels that are manufactured using the finest materials and advanced techniques to fulfill your desired fitment. In addition to car wheels for sale, we also provide a range of wheel-related services such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing and new wheel installation matching your specific needs.

Tyre Services Clayton:

Tyres are not only a crucial investment, but also play a vital role in ensuring the safety of your vehicle. Having this in mind, you must pay close attention to your car tyres to get the most out of your ride. When it comes to professional tyre services, we are experts in the industry. From tyre maintenance to tyre rotation, flat tyre repair, tyre pressure monitoring, tyre installation and tyre balancing, we handle it all.

When you bring your car to our auto repair shop for tyre services, we will inspect them thoroughly and deliver professional service matching your needs. In case your car tyres need replacement, we will also recommend the best pair of tyres that suit your driving style. We also provide tyres for sale, so there won’t be a problem for you to find the best tyres for your car.

Have a question about your car wheels or tyres? Or suspect that your car has any other problem that needs a quick fix? Call 03 9547 3513 and schedule an appointment with us now!