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As a car owner, you should be aware that your vehicle should be fitted with good quality tyres and wheels to ensure your safety on the road and to get the most out of a ride. If you suspect that your car tyres and wheels need replacement, you can count on Luxury Wheels Motorsport – your ultimateWheels Clayton South destination to buy tyres and wheels online. Serving car owners across Clayton South and the surrounding suburbs, we provide tyres and wheels for sale from the world’s popular brands at the most competitive prices. Whether you own a passenger car or light commercial vehicle, you are sure to find the tyres and wheels that best suit your driving style from Luxury Wheel.

We not only provide wheels and tyres for sale, but also specialise in:

Wheel Services Clayton South:

At Luxury Wheel, we have a team of certified car mechanics who have proper training and in-depth knowledge to provide wheel alignment, wheel balancing and wheel installation services for vehicles of all makes and models. We are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment that helps us to check and correct the alignment of your car’s wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Tyre Services Clayton South:

Inspecting and mTyres Clayton Southaintaining your car tyres on a regular basis can help to extend their life. Not to be mentioned, the lifetime of tyres depends on how the vehicle is driven, the road condition and how much care is taken. If anything goes wrong with the tyres, immediate attention should be given to ensure your safety. For tyre rotation, tyre pressure monitoring, tyre balancing, flat tyre repair, tyre installation and tyre maintenance in Clayton South, you can trust the experts of Luxury Wheel. We will inspect the tyres and do whatever it takes to restore the performance of your vehicle.

If you notice anything out of the norm with your car’s wheels or tyres, call 03 9547 3513 and book an appointment today. Let’s thoroughly inspect your vehicle and provide valuable advice and professional car service that keeps you safe on the road.